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Acupuncturist Kyla Hanley, L.Ac will be joining Elmwood Park Chiropractic and Physical Therapy October 7, 2010. 
Kyla has treated migraines, back pain, arm strain, structural issues, sciatica and more. 
Kyla practices:
·        Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) Style focuses on acute & chronic muscular conditions.
·        Japanese Style/KM Style is a milder form of acupuncture, which uses distal points to release the area that is causing pain. Japanese style acupuncture uses Hara palpation, which is very helpful when the patient has vague complaints. With hara palpation you gain information about what is going on in the patients’ body and where you want to treat. This style allows the patient to see and feel the changes as the practitioner is working on their body. Japanese style also uses moxa, a warming herb, as a primary form of treatment which stimulates the acupuncture points in an alternate way.
·        Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an approach that uses time proven acupuncture points on the surface meridians of the body and additional points in the ear that affect the qi and blood supply in the body.
·        NADA Protocol- Addiction Ear Acupuncture Certification 2004 Auricular therapy used to treat drug addiction, which is also very effective in helping patients quit smoking.